The Campaign

We have one goal – the return of Ianto Jones as portrayed by Gareth David-Lloyd as a series regular on Torchwood. We will accomplish this goal by demonstrating our love for Ianto Jones and by letting the BBC and Starz know that the world loves Ianto, and wants him back.

We have several ways to show the BBC and Starz that we love Ianto Jones and we will not forget the “Heart of Torchwood.”  There are multiple vendors that are used to send Coffee.  We have sample Postcards to send via snail mail.  We have volunteers who keep the Cardiff Shrine fresh and new with outpourings of creativity and love from Ianto fans across the globe.  We have SciFi convention attendees who hand out information about the campaign.  And, of course, we supporting fundraising efforts for Children in Need.

Please check out the News page for the latest information on Series 4 of Torchwood, then join your fellow Ianto Jones and Torchwood fans on Twitter and spread the message that we want Ianto Jones back in Torchwood.

From emails, to letters and cards (sent the old-fashioned way), there are plenty of ways to communicate your respectful opinion that Ianto Jones is an integral part of Torchwood.

Please feel free to join us on Livejournal for more ideas and camaraderie.