Ianto Jones makes the perfect cup of coffee. We know, because we watched it on screen. And we want to watch it again. Because of that, coffee seemed the perfect item to send to the BBC (and now also to Starz) as a symbol of our love for Ianto and our desire to have him back on Torchwood.

There are three ways to send coffee.

The first is simply to send it directly in cards, letters, or boxes to:

Mr. Mark Thompson
Broadcasting House
Portland Place

United Kingdom


Starz LLC
8900 Liberty Circle
Englewood CO 80112

The second is by sending Resurrection Coffee. Resurrection Coffee is a house blend made by Raven’s Brew Coffee in the United States. When we discovered this coffee, the symbolism of the name could not have been clearer or better for the Save Ianto Jones campaign, and Raven’s Brew kindly agreed to alter their usual shipping policies and send bulk shipments to the BBC in the UK, although they don’t normally ship outside of the United States and Canada. With the announcement of Starz’ involvement in Season 4 of Torchwood, we are now concentrating on sending Resurrection Coffee to them, reducing the shipping costs.Resurrection Coffee is an extremely good coffee blend, and a bag was presented to Gareth David-Lloyd at the New England Fan Experience convention in November 2009.

The way it works is that donations for each shipment are sent via Paypal to (or by checks – contact me at that same email if you would like to take that route) and when the needed amount for each shipment is reached, I will contact Raven’s Brew and twenty bags of Resurrection Coffee will be shipped to Starz. Since August 2009, we have managed to send at least one shipment each month, initially to the BBC, but more recently to Starz, thanks to the continued generous support of campaign members.

The third method for sending coffee is via Red Monkey Coffee, a UK based coffee company. Individual members of the campaign can place orders directly with Red Monkey for shipment to the BBC. Their pricing includes shipping and all taxes. Their order form does state UK addresses only, but people outside the UK can order by filling in their own billing address, then directing the shipment to the BBC in their instruction text box. Please ask for a gift card politely requesting the return of Ianto Jones to Torchwood. Also, please let Red Monkey know that you found them through the Save Ianto Jones campaign.

Coffee and Ianto.  What could be better?